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Agape Theological
is a globally
recognized provider of
both entry-level and
continuing education
online programs for men
and women in ministry of
all faiths. Low tuition,
interest-free student loans
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Truly Attainable, Very Affordable, Online Training for Mid-Career Adult Learners!
Become a Certified Professional Chaplain - Become Ordained - Earn a Degree
You've been serving humanity for some time now and you have come to the realization that you and
your ministry could benefit by gaining new skills.

As global leaders in inter-faith, non-denominational-based education, Agape and its sister online
programs will be happy to offer you new tools to answer your particular call to ministry.

Now in our 50th year of service,
your Agape Theological team
works with adult learners like you
on every continent in the world.

We serve people who are new
to  ministry ... w
e teach spiritual
leaders who are changing their
career paths (say, from pastor to
Hospice Chaplain) ... or who
are seeking to upgrade their
skills to match the requirements
of our rapidly-changing world.

Our team strives to consistently
achieve world-class service
by providing superior quality,
oupled with a versatile online
learning environment.
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AGAPE:  Pron - "Uh - gah - pay".  DEFINITION:  "Unconditional Love!"